Sen-CIT Restheaven

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Sen-CIT Restheaven

SEN-CIT Resthaven is a facility that provides care services to the aged who are the most vulnerable.

The Home opened its doors in 1975 as a haven for the elderly, evicted from the surrounding farms because they were too old to work and had nowhere to go.  Currently we have 34 (thirty four) seniors and 20 (twenty) staff members.

Our Vision: 

Community empowerment to care for our senior’s well-being in a home environment. Management wants to strengthen their working relationship with the multidisciplinary team in the area.

Our Mission:

Sencit provides a service to those who are the most vulnerable in society: The frail, the aged, the physically disabled and the destitute over the age of 60. It aims to provide a quality service addressing all components of health: Psychological, Social, and Spiritual and Physical. In doing so, it endeavours to work closely with community and other stakeholders, to create a safe, secure dwelling space for its residents.

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Cnr Gordon's Bay and Broadlands Roads, Rusthof, Strand
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